This blog is about family. I am a father and a husband–first and foremost. Much of which I write is inspired by my wife, my children, and our daily experiences in the small foothill community of Auburn, Calif. You will not, however, see them featured prominently throughout this blog. Rest assured though, that my inspiration comes these amazing people in which I spend the most time.

In this blog, I will pass along information and anecdotes aimed at enhancing your Auburn experience. If it elicits a reaction out of me, chances are you will hear about it.

Known as the Endurance Capital of the world, Auburn is a terrific place for outdoor activities such as running, hiking and horseback riding. Since my horseback riding experience began and ended with a not-so-good experience during the formative years of my youth, you will not receive much insight into this activity. I will, however, vividly capture my hiking and running experiences–what I like, what I don’t, as it relates to hiking and running through the streets and trails of this Sierra Foothill community. You will see maps and images… and some videos, too.

Through these posts, I hope to pass along what it’s like to live, play and raise a family in this beautiful locale.


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