Why I hate new year’s resolutions, but make them anyway

I don’t like new year’s resolutions because if I don’t follow through with them, I feel like a failure the rest of the year–usually, that’s about 11 months.

I make resolutions, however, because I’m an optimist. Because I know I’m not alone. According to Jonathan Fields in his blog, 75% of this year’s resolutions are the same as last year and will be broken within two weeks.

Not me. Not this year.

This year, I’m focused on commitments in five areas: family, running, writing, giving and health. Below is the framework to my commitments. As time passes, you will see the actions I’m taking to meet them.

Family. With my second son just under one month old, I’m re-doubling my efforts to be the best dad and husband possible. Be in the moment. Family game night, not family TV night. Make dinner with them, not re-heat mine alone.

Running. My goal is to complete 100 runs in 2009. They can be anything from a 3-mile quick jaunt, to a 26.2 mile marathon. Just as long as I run 100 days.

Writing. Get better. Find my voice. This will only happen if I practice, put myself out there. Be read. Believe it or not, this may be the most challenging of all my commitments. But will be the easiest for you to gauge my progress.

Giving. I’m going to give to charities. Give my time to those in need. Volunteer my services without expecting anything in return.

Health. I’m going to make better choices. Pay attention to what goes into my body–both in terms of food and my thoughts.

I’m going to keep the specific goals for most of my commitments to myself. Rest assured they are for significant improvement over last year. But I don’t think I’ll be sharing them here.

What are your resolutions for 2009? Are they similar to mine? Just curious.

Keep one final thought in mind as I leave you now to figure out how to turn my commitments into successes.

“Acting without thinking is like shooting without aiming.”
– B. C. Forbes

I better get thinking.


One response to “Why I hate new year’s resolutions, but make them anyway

  1. OK …you convinced me. I’ve been thinking about setting some goals for myself and now I think I really need to. Life is just too good and I want to hold on to it as long and as healthfully as I can.

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